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I loved getting up early and staying at motels. Those are some of my best memories. But I agree, the best trips were the ones where I stayed with friends and did normal things, not touristy stuff. What a wonderful post! Thanks! (Plus it's aigs from now on!)

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Dear Annette. First of all, I love the photo of your Mom in Something Italian, just beautiful!!!

Second, I apologize for not responding to Something Found a while ago. I think I didn't because I didn't know how to find all the right words that could gather my emotions.

Here's a quote I recently read that connected me to your Staying Grounded writing...

"The original reason for art is sacred-- to be a portal, an access point for the sacred. when you see it or experience it, you experience yourself." Eckhart Tolle

And I'm editing from my "clean copy", so hopefully ...

love you, Mary Fran

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wrote aigs—not eggs—on the breakfast menu chalkboard. My mother, the prodigious speller, looked on horrified.I just adore this! I love it all. I always like to find a safe space when I read your writing so I can take it all in. Taking the memories and vision everything sometimes shed a tear but it always leaves me with a smile! Thanks sis!

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Buon giorno Annette, sei bravissima. Ciao ed una buona giornata.

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